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The Dispensable Nation

American foreign policy in retreat

Vali Nasr

Format: CB
Extent: 320pp
Size: 234mm x 153mm
ISBN (13): 9781922247070
RRP: £18.99
Pub Date: November 2013
Rights held: UK & Commonwealth
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In a brilliant and revealing book destined to drive debate about the future of American power, Vali Nasr questions America’s dangerous choice to engage less — and matter less — in the world.

A second Arab Spring is brewing — not a hopeful clamour for democracy but rage at the US for its foreign policy of drones and assassinations.

Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the Middle East and expertise in diplomacy, Nasr offers a powerful reassessment of American foreign policy that directs the country away from its failing relationships in the Middle East toward more productive, and less costly, partnerships with other foreign allies.

Forcefully persuasive, Vali Nasr’s book is a game changer for America as it charts a course in the Muslim world, Asia, and beyond.


‘An important wake-up call by a thoughtful, astute, and deeply knowledgeable scholar and policymaker.’
ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, former director of policy planning, US Department of State
‘A devastating portrait of a first-term foreign policy that shunned the tough choices of real diplomacy.’
New York Times


Vali Nasr

Vali Nasr is dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and the bestselling author of The Shia Revival and Forces of Fortune. From 2009 to 2011, he served as senior adviser to Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. He is a columnist for Bloomberg View and lives in Washington, DC.