Scribe to publish Simon Akam’s military history The Changing of The Guard next month

Scribe to publish The Changing of the Guard: the British army since 9/11 by Simon Akam next month. 

Scribe will publish Simon Akam's revelatory analysis of the British military over the last 20 years in hardback on February 11. Endorsed by Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former British Ambassador to Afghanistan, and Peter Frankopan, bestselling author of The Silk Roads, it promises to offer a new perspective on the British Army's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Award-winning journalist Simon Akam, who spent a year in the army when he was 18, returned a decade later to see how the institution had changed. He spent more than three years researching the book and spoke to over 260 interviewees to create a panoramic and deeply nuanced picture of a national institution in a time of great stress. Ultimately his book examines the relevance of the armed forces today — their social, economic, political, and cultural role. 

Simon Akam held a Gap Year Commission in the British Army before attending Oxford University. He won a Fulbright scholarship to study at Columbia Journalism School and in 2010 won the professional strand of The Guardian’s International Development Journalism Competition. He has worked for The New York Times, Reuters, and Newsweek, and his writing has appeared in publications including The Economist, GQ, Bloomberg Businessweek, Outside, The Washington Post, the Financial Times, New Statesman, the Paris Review, and The New Republic. He co-hosts the writing podcast Always Take Notes.

The Changing of the Guard

A revelatory, explosive new analysis of the military today.

Over the first two decades of the twenty-first century, Britain has changed enormously. During this time, the British Army fought two campaigns, in Iraq and Afghanistan, at considerable financial and human cost. Yet neither war achieved its objectives. This book questions why, and provides challenging but necessary answers.

Composed from assiduous documentary research, field reportage, and hundreds of interviews with many soldiers and officers who served, as well as the politicians who directed them, the allies who accompanied them, and the family…

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The Changing of the Guard

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