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The Scribe team on our local independent bookshops

Image taken from All Good Bookshop website 

All Good Bookshop, Turnpike Lane

Sarah Braybrooke, Publisher and Managing Director 

The All Good Bookshop is a co-operative bookshop in Turnpike Lane, founded by a group of members who own it collectively. Shareholders get a democratic say in the future of the bookshop. It's amazing to see a community coming together to create a bookshop to serve their needs, and it makes for a much more personal experience when book buying! All Good's Vice-chair and bookshop manager, Tim West, is the former co-owner of the Big Green Bookshop, and after it closed down co-op members approached Tim to help set up a new venture that would mean there was still a local bookseller and event space in the area. The co-op team explains: 

'Bookshops are great for the local area. We’ve seen this over the last 20 years, with Wood Green’s bookshops having been a central part of our community. Our bookshop will support reading groups, writing groups and author visits, along with so many other events, from comedy to quiz nights ... None of us in the campaign team are doing this to get rich. We’re doing this because we believe in the immense social value of independent bookshops.' Hear, hear! 

Image taken from Phlox Books website 

Phlox Books, Leyton

Molly Slight, Editorial Director 

My local indie is Phlox Books on Francis Road in Leyton. It’s a small shop with a really well curated selection, which makes it a pleasure to browse — I always discover books I didn’t even know I wanted! Before Phlox opened in 2017 there were no bookshops in my area — not even a Waterstones! — so it was a really welcome addition. The coffee is great, too.

Image taken from South London Club 

Herne Hill Books, Herne Hill

Aoife Datta, Publicity and Marketing Executive

It is an absolute pleasure to live mere minutes away from an indpendent bookstore, and Herne Hill Books has everything you want in one small, cosy package. They have a great selection of books and I pretty much never leave empty handed – you can always turn to their friendly staff to ask for recommendations or any info you need. I'm so glad the've reopened so I can go back to once more buying too many books on my way home from work/grabbing coffee/ after a run (the list goes on). 

Image taken from Pages Chesire St Twitter account 

Pages Cheshire St, Shoreditch 

Adam Howard, Publicity and Marketing Manager 

I love Pages Cheshire St because every inch of shelf space is filled thoughtfully and with care. The staff can always be relied on for a good chat and a good recommendation, and their ethos — only stocking women and non-binary writers, and making a real commitment to redressing the gender biases in the way we think about literature and art — means that you're always taking away a new perspective along with the book you've bought. They recently anounced that they have to move — and it's been awfully sad walking past its shuttered windows when I walk that way the past few months — but I hope it can survive in some shape or form.