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*ONLINE* Andrew Hankinson at Richmond Lit Fest

Join Andrew Hankinson live online as part of Richmond Literature Festival on Sunday 15 November at 7pm where he will be discussing his new book Don't applaud. Either laugh or don't. (At the Comedy Cellar.) The event will be chaired by writer & journalist Mollie Goodfellow.

Tickets are £6. For more information and to book your tickets please visit the festival website here

Don’t applaud. Either laugh or don’t. (At the Comedy Cellar.)

What counts as funny, what as toxic, and who gets to decide? Explore the serious business of stand-up with Andrew Hankinson, author of cult classic You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat].

AMY SCHUMER. LOUIS CK. JERRY SEINFELD. CHRIS ROCK. They all worked the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, honing their acts, experimenting, taking risks. It was a safe space, thanks to the principles of its first owner, Manny Dworman, then his son Noam. The only threat to freedom of expression was a lack of laughs.

But how did a New York taxi driver, born in Tel Aviv, create comedy’s most…

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Don’t applaud. Either laugh or don’t. (At the Comedy Cellar.)

Andrew Hankinson

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