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*ONLINE* Alexa Shoen at Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival

Join career coach and author of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS, Alexa Shoen, at Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival online, where she'll be sharing her expert advice on coping with redundancy and job searching in times of Covid-19. 

If you're one of the one million people who have been made redundant or are now looking for work during the coronavirus era, Alexa will provide some much needed expert advice and support to help support you through the process. 

Tickets to the three day online festival are £12. Free Tickets are available for frontline workers, carers, students, the vulnerable and those on low income. For more information and to buy your tickets, please visit the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival website.


Banging your head against the wall with the job search? #ENTRYLEVELBOSS will help you stop freaking out. Miserable in your current role but no idea what to do next? With this book you’ll be able to make a decision, no personality tests required. Convinced that you are the most unhireable person on this planet? That’s statistically improbable — and you’ll be amazed at how employable you’ll be by the time you have finished reading.

This is personal training for your career, based on a step-by-step plan that includes:

All the intel you need about getting hired in today’s world, in today’s…

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