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Scribe acquires Extraordinary Parenting: the essential guide to parenting and educating at home, to be published May 14

Sarah Braybrooke at Scribe has acquired parenting coach Eloise Rickman's guide to homeschooling, Extraordinary Parenting, to be released in ebook on May 14 and in print on May 25. Rights were acquired at auction from Carrie Plitt at Felicity Bryan Associates. 

Billed as 'the essential guide to parenting and educating at home', the book shows parents, with comforting and practical advice, how to transform their relationships with their children and engage kids' curiosity in order to make the home the best place for them to learn. Based on years of research and hands-on work with parents, it is suitable both for parents planning a permanent move to homeschooling and those who may be temporarily (and unexpectedly!) balancing it alongside paid work. 

Braybrooke says 'I've been following Eloise's work online for years and have always been really inspired by her parenting philosophy. When schools closed recently it rapidly became clear that many parents were struggling with the move towards educating their children at home, and I found myself wishing I could send all my friends with kids some of Eloise's reassuring advice! She has worked at a superhuman rate to bring together her existing resources and lots of new material in order to get the manuscript ready in record time, and we can’t wait to publish it next month.’

Rickman is a parent educator who works with clients around the world through online courses and coaching, and through her instagram account @mightymother_. Her work focuses on evidence-based parenting, home education, and helping families find more rhythm and ease in their daily lives. She is a trained doula, and previously studied social anthropology at Cambridge University where she first became interested in how childhood and family practices shape society. She lives in South London with her husband Sam and young daughter Frida, who has been home educated from birth.

A b format paperback  published at £9.99, the book is currently available for preorder on Amazon UK, and Scribe are also releasing it simultaneously in ANZ and North America. 

For media and rights enquiries, please contact sarah [at] scribepub.co.uk

Extraordinary Parenting

Do you want to transform your relationship with your child, engage their curiosity, and make your home the best place for them to learn?

In this warm, accessible book, experienced parenting coach Eloise Rickman tells you everything you really need to know about parenting and educating your child at home. Whether you’re planning to make a permanent move to homeschooling or you’re temporarily balancing it alongside paid work, Extraordinary Parenting shows that you don’t need a huge house, endless free time, or a host of expensive resources to unlock your child’s potential.

Instead, it will teach you…

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Extraordinary Parenting

Eloise Rickman

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