Scribe to publish new novel by OCM Bocas Prize-winning author Tessa McWatt

Scribe is excited to announce a new novel from London-based writer Tessa McWatt, Professor of Creative Writing at UEA, whose memoir about her mixed-race inheritance, Shame On Me, won the OCM Bocas Prize for Non-Fiction and was praised by the likes of Preti Taneja, Layla Saad, and Emma Dabiri.

Set in India, The Snow Line revolves around two characters — Jackson, an old white man, and Reema, a young British-Indian woman — who meet at a wedding and end up travelling together up the Himalayas. Their experiences and world views are diametrically opposed, but on this journey they discover a shared humanity, as old structures and mindsets cede to the new. 

Editorial Director Molly Slight said: ‘This is truly a novel of our times. It taps into important conversations about race and privilege. But what I really love about it is how it shows that being together and learning from each other can lead to understanding that is rarely seen in today’s polarised society. Tessa is a subtle writer, whose observations about how we relate to one another feel really truthful. She is one of my favourite writers and it is a joy to be publishing her again.’

Scribe will publish in the UK and Australia in July, and Random House Canada will publish in the US and Canada in August. 

Please contact Adam Howard or Molly Slight at Scribe for proofs and Jackie Kaiser or Meg Wheeler at Westwood Creative Artists for rights.

The Snow Line

Old and young. White and brown. Male and female. British. Indian. Other.

Four strangers from around the world arrive in India for a wedding. Together, they climb a mountain — but will they see the same thing from the top?

Londoner Reema, who left India before she could speak, is searching for a sign that will help her make a life-changing decision. In pensioner Jackson’s suitcase is something he must let go of, but is he strong enough?

Together with two unlikely companions, they take a road trip up a mountain deep in the Himalayas, heading for the snow line — the place where the ice begins.

But even…

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The Snow Line

Tessa McWatt

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