Scribe UK donates profits from new edition of domestic violence investigation No Visible Bruises to Solace Women’s Aid

In light of the current domestic violence crisis triggered by lockdown, Scribe UK will donate 30% of the profits from the new edition of Rachel Louise Snyder’s landmark investigation into the domestic violence epidemic, No Visible Bruises, for three months following its publication, to domestic abuse charity Solace Women’s Aid.

With reports that domestic abuse killings have more than doubled in the UK since the Covid-19 lockdown began, (16 killings between 23 March and 12 April, compared to 5 on average over the same period in the last 10 years), as well as a surge in calls to domestic abuse helplines and online services, author Rachel Louise Snyder and Scribe UK wanted to contribute to the extraordinary work being done on the front line of the crisis.

Rachel Louise Snyder says, ‘Sadly, the work that folks like Solace and others are doing is more urgent than ever in the midst of this pandemic, but I’ve never met more dedicated individuals than those on the front lines of domestic violence advocacy, and I take heart in knowing that they’re out there, and they’re ready and waiting to help.’

Solace Women’s Aid support thousands of women and children facing domestic violence in London every year and they are working hard to ensure every woman affected by abuse during the Coronavirus pandemic can be safe and get the support she needs, including through refuges, their helpline team and their community advocacy teams. They have launched the #StaySafeAtHome emergency appeal to raise funds in response to the pandemic. For more information and to donate, click here.

CEO of Solace Fiona Dwyer says, ‘Solace are thrilled to be supported by Scribe UK with their release of Rachel Louise Snyder's book No Visible Bruises, increasing awareness of such a vital issue. With your support we will be able to help more women and children to build safer lives with our life-saving and life-changing services.’ 

Chosen as a New York Times, Economist and Esquire Book of the Year, No Visible Bruises is a pioneering investigation into the domestic violence epidemic. The new edition includes an afterword by Snyder, detailing a personal tragedy that occurred after the initial publication of the book, in which her best friend lost her brother and sister-in-law in a domestic murder-suicide.

No Visible Bruises


Love, desire, intimacy — we all know what these are meant to look like. But what happens when they descend into violence?

Award-winning journalist Rachel Louise Snyder once believed all the common misconceptions about domestic violence: that it happens to an unlucky few; that it’s a matter of poor choices; that if things are dire enough, victims will leave. Her perception changed when she began talking to the victims and perpetrators whose stories she tells in this book.

Fearlessly reporting from the front lines of what the…

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