Stay at Home with Scribe: An eco-fiction epic for just £1.99

This is a stressful time for everyone, with new, unforeseen challenges. Thankfully, here at Scribe we've published tons of books that can help. While social distancing measures continue, we'll be offering weekly discounts on specially selected titles, as well as bi-weekly newsletters with helpful content from our authors. 

This week, we're offering the eco-fiction epic Greenwood by Michael Christie as an eBook for just £1.99! Head to book's page here and click the eBook buttons in the corner to access the discount on your platform of choice.

Michael Christie lives on a forest island himself, and has written a short essay on the benefits of forest bathing whilst social distancing. No trees nearby? No problem! Click here to read it.


‘The truth is that all family lines, from the highest to the lowest, originate somewhere, on some particular day. Even the grandest trees must’ve once been seeds spun helpless on the wind, and then just meek saplings nosing up from the soil.’

2038. On a remote island off the Pacific coast of British Columbia stands the Greenwood Arboreal Cathedral, one of the world’s last forests. Wealthy tourists flock from all corners of the dust-choked globe to see the spectacle and remember what once was.  But even as they breathe in the fresh air and pose for photographs amidst the greenery, guide Jake knows…

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